Alzheimer's patients' overwhelming response to information given to them by song

In a recent study performed at the Boston University School of Medicine, researchers found that seniors with Alzheimer's could recall recent information given to them through song better than information given to them through regular speech. Alzheimer's patients receive and recall information that is sung to them moreso than seniors that are healthy and are not suffering from any type of illness or disease.

Protein proven to help reduce risk of hip fracture in seniors

A study that was performed at Harvard Medical School has concluded that elderly women that intake at least 36 grams of protein per day, and men who intake at least 56 grams per day, are a lot less likely to fracture their hip. It was also found that elderly people that were in the lowest 25th percentile of protein consumation suffered 50 percent more fractures of the hip than elderly people who intook more protein.

Lack of certain cells may increase healing time of wounds

The lead researcher at the Loyola University Health System has conducted an experiment implicating that certain cells in our body can slow down the process of healing wounds. These cells are called " natural killer T" cells. Although these NKT cells help kill tumor cells and cells that are infected with viruses, they also harm the body by postponing healing on wound sites. When testing her theory on mice, Elizabeth Kovacs, Ph.D., claims that mice that lacked NKT cells underwent an exceptionally quicker healing process than mice that had a normal amount of NKT cells. The investigators of the Health System believe that with the use of an antibody, they can actually deactivate NKT cells in patients that are wounded and need hasty repair.

Vitamin D shown to benefit mobility in seniors

After following the cases of about 2,800 seniors over the course of four years, it was found that the seniors with the best phsycial functioning were those that had the highest intake of Vitamin D.

Psilocybin from mushrooms re-evaluated for anti-anxiety

The ingredient predominately found in mushroom and known for its hallucinogenic effects is now being re-evaluated by researchers. They are considering using the ingredient to help seniors that suffer from anxiety near the end of life.

Manual lifting of patients may soon be eliminated

The "Nurse and Health Care Worker Protection Act of 2009" is still being pushed before an Educationm Senate Health, and Labor and Pension subcommittee. Supporters of the bill mainly include nurses and caregivers, who are the second top sufferers of back injuries in all of the U.S. Because this bill would force upon healthcare facilities a costly burden of purchasing heavy lift equipment, there is a provision to the bill that would call for federal grants to be given to such places in need.

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